My hands high up behind my back  

I was browsing through my old photo's, I have nothing else to do with the new lockdown in the Netherlands. We have to stay home and can not go anywhere, boring! I would love some distraction, how do you like my galleries and videos? But I found this photo from 2017 (I think, real old!). Bob took me to a rope event. I first went to his place he said that while we were together I had to wear a big collar around my neck. I know he likes that and I like that he likes that. It makes me feel very submissive. Then I had to wear high heels. I have leather ankle-high platform heels that are really high.  I find them really difficult to walk on. Oh I have a video of that online here, are these shoes not amazing? Collared and in shoes I can hardly walk on Bob took me to the rope event. It was wonderful, I felt so submissive on Bob's arm and he loved me being like that. On the rope event he tied me up really tight. I got suspended and we had a nice time talking with the people there. I found this picture Bob took of me with my hands really high up behind my back. This is such a difficult position and I love it! It's my favorite position. Do you like it?

My hands tied really high up on my back,



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