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Ballets & bondage, part 1 of 2 0

I love travelling, seeing other countries, eat new food (ooooh... food!). So when RopeMarks invited me for a trip I was excited and happy. Also, looking back, pretty naive... I could have know he had tricks and ideas up his sleeve... grmbl... still love him though!

We had a very long and sexy weekend in Germany. Germany is beautiful. so close to the Netherlands yet so different. We also visited a photographer and did rough things, just the way I like to be treated as RopeMarks' property, he can do what he wants <3. I do expect snuggles afterwards... pfffff.

RopeMarks first tied me in hogtie on the floor and then him and the photographer left me! They sat down had a coffee and a chat w.t... The good thing, there was floor-heating so I was toasting comfy even if I couldn't move anything :) After their coffee (I didn't even get a cookie!) RopeMarks returned to me (yay!) and played with me and suspended me. You can see happy me in the photos.

I'm a slavegirl and proudly wear my nosering to publicly show my status. I also know RopeMarks likes to play with my ring (yay... ish). What he did next was put me in my favorite bondage position, my arms really high on my back. This is really painful but I like it sooooo much oomph! Then he put some really pretty ballet boots on me, I love those too, I feel like ballerina *weeee*. I did not feel so pretty when he made me stand in them even though he should get some credits for making sure I did not fall. He put a rope around my neck for that. I really could not hold balance on these shoes and kept hanging by my neck. These !%@#$ only took pictures of this instead of helping little me... When I was finally allowed to sit again (so tired!) he did the (another?) nasty thing and tied my nosering to my tits. The shame! and pain! I had to keep looking down otherwise I would painfully hurt my nose. He than added clothespins on my tongue and that got me drooling like crazy.

I love being submissive for RopeMarks, but you know... I'm a princess too! still love him though! :-)

This set I give to you in two parts, it just makes so much more sense to me, even tough we did it in one go.

Candles 0

Today RopeMarks took me back to that beautiful place with the Japanse mats on the floor. I was really looking forward to getting tied up and suspended and played with and ... you know, sexy things :)

But no, RopeMarks made a candle-holder-contraption! All the bondage I got was painfully being streched out underneath that contraption with a big gag in my mouth. That did feel very sexy though...

I first thought it was a very romantic kinky scene, me tied up and candles. But when the candles where lit and burning for a while RopeMarks could turn the contraption holding the candles around and all the hot wax was falling on my body. That did hurt... I like it.

When the candles died out I got to scrape the wax of my body with big knife.

I hope you enjoy this set!

Green Kimono 0

RopeMarks said he had a special idea with me. He tied me up with some really rough rope! Also my legs where tied so tight that it hurt like hell. He then got a short, thick, bamboo stick and started hitting and poking me with it. G@#$%()*mn that was painful! I loved screaming my lungs out with every hit I got. Like! Would do again!

photos CarmineWorx | Kinbaku RopeMarks

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