Slavegirl on tattoo and piercing event.  

I feel so bad, I am neglecting to show you more things that are happening in my life. I do make my updates like I'm told and I hope you like them?

When I went through my photos I found something I really like the share with you.

What I like a lot is being used and exposed for the slavegirl that I am by the people that are really close to me, that share the lifestyle I desire. RopeMarks has a big part in this. He asked me to accompany him to a big tatoo and piercing event in Germany. He wanted me to be his slavegirl and his model for his shows. I was excited and bouncing, I really like this, I love what RopeMarks puts me through!

On the second day of the event, after I "woke him up" he told me he wanted me to be a bimbo for that day. I love to be a bimbo for him!! I dressed up al nice in the outfit you see in the picture and then we went to the location, me dressed like only wearing, well, nothing, what! I only got to wear a coat because the weather was chilly. Much good that did :( I was freezing my butt of, this was in October! I did feel really proud being next to him, his slavegirl.

When we arrived in the location backstage he made my outfit complete with another collar and yummy rope. He even added a crotchrope. I felt that one the entire time I walked and moved. B*st*rd! No :) I liked it :) a lot! Everytime I felt the crotchrope I thought of him, even when he was busy with something else.

I had to stay tied up and dressed like that for a few hours, until we had our first show and he exposed me in a completely different way. He will probably have a video of that on his own site. Here is the picture.

Weeeee for slavegirl me! :-)

RopeMarks | Club RopeMarks



My hands high up behind my back  

I was browsing through my old photo's, I have nothing else to do with the new lockdown in the Netherlands. We have to stay home and can not go anywhere, boring! I would love some distraction, how do you like my galleries and videos? But I found this photo from 2017 (I think, real old!). Bob took me to a rope event. I first went to his place he said that while we were together I had to wear a big collar around my neck. I know he likes that and I like that he likes that. It makes me feel very submissive. Then I had to wear high heels. I have leather ankle-high platform heels that are really high.  I find them really difficult to walk on. Oh I have a video of that online here, are these shoes not amazing? Collared and in shoes I can hardly walk on Bob took me to the rope event. It was wonderful, I felt so submissive on Bob's arm and he loved me being like that. On the rope event he tied me up really tight. I got suspended and we had a nice time talking with the people there. I found this picture Bob took of me with my hands really high up behind my back. This is such a difficult position and I love it! It's my favorite position. Do you like it?

My hands tied really high up on my back,



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