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Candles 0

Today RopeMarks took me back to that beautiful place with the Japanse mats on the floor. I was really looking forward to getting tied up and suspended and played with and ... you know, sexy things :)

But no, RopeMarks made a candle-holder-contraption! All the bondage I got was painfully being streched out underneath that contraption with a big gag in my mouth. That did feel very sexy though...

I first thought it was a very romantic kinky scene, me tied up and candles. But when the candles where lit and burning for a while RopeMarks could turn the contraption holding the candles around and all the hot wax was falling on my body. That did hurt... I like it.

When the candles died out I got to scrape the wax of my body with big knife.

I hope you enjoy this set!

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